Through the day filled with laughter

Through the day filled with laughter can make life so much lighter. Which had a heavy workload can be reduced because of friends laughing at a funny story. Not only fatigue are reduced, social ties with friends was more awake because of laughter.

So, do not be shy with your laughter. Laughter must let loose and get an unexpected benefit for health as reported by Men’s Health, on Wednesday (29/04/2015) the following:


1. Breathing so better
When laughing, we usually laugh straight away without thinking about what happens in the body. But it turns out, the researchers revealed that laughter makes a person breathe better. “90 percent of laughter involves a deep breath. This makes the heart rate and blood pressure decreases so that someone entered a quiet phase. This is the reason why you feel better after a laugh on funny animal videos,” said professor of psychology at the University of California, Dacher Keltner.

2. The marriage bond is stronger
Choose where, had the couple handsome or good sense of humor? If according to psychologist John Gottman of a relationship counseling center in Seattle, United States, couples are often mild joke and often share a laugh tend to have a better marriage.

3. Goodbye stress
Enough to laugh, body dopac reduce stress hormones, cortisol and epinephrine research from Loma Linda University in California.

4. Keep healthy
Not only is the stress off when you laugh, but also a variety of diseases. People who laugh 10-25 times a day less pain than those who laugh less of it as revealed in a 2009 study in the International Journal of Medical Sciences.

5. Performance in satisfactory office
Your coworkers fun? If so, congratulations! According Healthsurvey, men who have a funny cat videos to make it work better.

The benefits of laughter are known since

Many studies have shown that laughter has benefits both physically and psychologically. We know that a good laugh is able to activate muscles that are difficult to activate otherwise; we also know that by laughing a series of hormones that make us happy are generated.


These findings are not new. The benefits of laughter are known since ancient times, proof of this are the uses that some philosophers gave to it. Thomas Sidenhman already talked about its effects in the seventh century; Sigmund Freud declared that laughter is essential to release negative energies, and many cultures, such as Indian, have considered it essential to get the body-mind balance if been look a video lucu.

Psychology has used this resource as a method to activate the physical and psychological wellbeing of the person creating the Risoterapia. As its name suggests, the Laughter Therapy is a type of therapy used as the main component, laughing.

But, why laughter is so important?

The importance of laughter is its ability to maintain good physical and mental condition. Some of its benefits are:

Physical Benefits:

It strengthens the muscles: Every time we laugh out loud activate a total of 430 muscles. All of them contract and relax by state-intensity relaxation using up our laughter. These contractions and relaxations make the muscles work in the same way they do when we go out to perform aerobic sport, and this strengthens them. That is why sometimes felt bellyache when we laugh heartily seen funny videos.

-Strengthens Our immune system: Laugh increases Inmonuglobulina A and T lymphocytes, antibodies that fight viruses and bacteria. Thanks to this, our immune system is strengthened, and this improves our health.

Eliminates fat: When we laugh, diaphragm and abdomen massage the joint organs such as liver, intestine, pancreas and spleen, among others. These massages help digestion, eliminate fat and toxins, and also improves constipation.

‘Our body is oxygenated: With laughter can be twice the oxygen we breathe, because the effort made by our body demands higher levels of oxygen than needed at rest. That is why we need to suck more air, sometimes we can feel the sensation of “drowning” while laughing out loud.

Psychological benefits:

The laughter secretes endorphins, the so-called hormone of happiness. The greater the intensity of laughter, more endorphins are secreted. At higher levels of endorphins, the happier we are. Laughter also produces other hormones that contribute to this state of happiness, such as dopamine and serotonin, which helps combat those characterized by a deficiency of these hormones, such as depression and anxiety disorders.

-Combate Stress; not only for the segregation of these hormones, but by the subsequent relaxation that causes activation of many muscles. Furthermore, the mind can not work while the laughter occurs: negative thoughts and intense states of laughter are completely incompatible.

Improves brain function: When we laugh catecholamines are generated, a hormone involved in our brain functions that enhance the performance of our brain. By the same token, a good dose of catecholamines can improve our memory, our ability to solve problems, our performance in the study and / or other mental tasks …

Improves socialization: Shared laughter generates shared positive experiences, and this helps our socialization. A good time of shared laughter can strengthen ties and improve relations.

Improves self-esteem: Laughter helps us lose the sense of the ridiculous and to become less demanding of ourselves.

‘We can take an optimistic view of life: Laughter creates positive mental states, and positive mental states attract positive thoughts. Thus, laughter is the anchor point for a more optimistic view of life, which in turn has positive benefits also reflected in our day to day.

All these benefits require take laughter seriously, whatever our personal state. There are many opportunities to laugh; a monologue, a comedy, a good time with friends s, or a laugh therapy sessions. Any activity that generates laughter states may carry all commented benefits, which will result in better physical and psychological health.

Weight problems usually a scourge of men

Weight problems usually a scourge of men, while most men tend to ignore. In fact, there’s no harm in following in the footsteps of the women you know to keep the weight of the body stay balanced. This proves it.


A study showed that the weight loss effect on the cognitive abilities of the brain, Bright Friends! Yes, in the journal Neurology stated that during the 5-year study involving 2,200 respondents adult men have proved that they are with a body mass index under 20 have a 56% better abilities in vocabulary tests. Meanwhile, those with a body mass index above 30, only has the ability 44%.

There are still other facts, here. Fat in the body that accumulate into a disease. Research of The International Journal of Obesity that examined more than 1,000 adult men said that respondents with an average body weight of 34% more powerful than the flu and cough. The research team also found that the levels of pollutants in their blood less than 26% of respondents who suffer from obesity.

So, it’s time to believe that a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise is good for health, well your brain. Ready to try it?